2023 And Ghost Particles Haunting MINERvA

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    ·FEBRUARY 7, 2023

    For the first time, scientists with an international experimental group say they have uncovered a new method of studying the components within the nucleus of atoms, using a novel method involving mysterious “ghost particles” known for the rarity of their interactions with matter.

    Once considered impossible, the achievement was made by physicists at the University of Rochester in association with the MINERvA neutrino experiment, who now report their successful studies of the structure of protons by employing a beam of neutrinos in the journal Nature.




    It’s time to talk about masks.

    Masks. WOW! These things were always meant to be a joke from the start, right? I put this topic of discussion off for about two years, but I can no longer let it slide off my table of things to bring up with my followers.

    Let me just say straight out that face masks are without the slightest doubt definitely not the things that are going to save us from “Covid-19,” any virus, or anything else for that matter. 100% guaranteed, they will only serve to perpetuate dysfunction, paranoia, discrimination, and even poor health in our already feeble communities.

    Here’s why.

    Sure, masks may end up aiding a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of people who have convinced themselves that they work and are in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, for the most part, face masks will only get you sicker than you already are, as well as completely freak out the probable weak person next to you. I totally mean it! We didn’t grow up this way in America, and it is an extreme detriment to society because we are inadvertently exacerbating the lie that everyone is sick around us.

    This is just simply not true.

    Let me put this as succinctly as possible. And I can promise to you all that there is not a single milligram of blood in my body that supports the new Trumpian wing of assault on humanity. Nor the current administration of disinformation upon our cultures. But the only reason anyone anywhere would ever wear a mask is either because they are or were an indentured slave in a farm, or because they are desperately terrified for their lives for some unexplainable reason.

    There really is nothing to be terrified of. Why? Keep reading.

    Here is a simple fact of life: any type of face mask, no matter what grade or price, whether surgical or cosmetic, will never protect you from anything, especially yourself. In fact, face masks may greatly increase the chances that the wearer will become infected from any virus that may be running rampant across societies.

    Here is your proof.

    Firstly, if masks actually worked in protecting people from the coronavirus, nobody in China, where everyone is forced to wear a mask, would still be infected from it more than two years later, especially when they have had “effective” vaccines for more than a year, now. Just use your brain and think for yourself about this for just a few seconds. You’re welcome.

    Secondly, wearing masks greatly increases the chances of you getting Covid-19 because their only proven, deliberate function is to spread bacteria all around your face as you flip them up and down from it! Yes, for real! There is no offence meant here, but if you wear a mask regularly and haven’t realized this fact by this point, you may as well take a pistol loaded with bullets, aim the thing to your temple, and pull the trigger.

    Thirdly, face-mask culture induces and makes prolific in our culture that was already rife with paranoia, ultimate, extreme paranoia. We, as “legitimate” cultures around the world, are now generally more terrified than ever before about dying from a virus that has literally only killed 0.3% of our population* while wearing masks. You should ask yourself, now that we are wearing masks, why is it that we feel less safe instead of more safe? Come on, people! The easy answer is that masks don’t work and were never meant to function as a safety feature to protect against viruses, or anything for that matter. Need more proof? Everyone in China wears masks, yet there are still outbreaks of coronavirus there in March 2022, more than two years of everyone wearing masks there, and being vaccinated!

    We readers of Dark Esoterika now all already know for certain at this point that the best defense against viruses and propaganda alike is to think for ourselves, meaning we must not listen to anybody or anything else except our own logical reasoning (because they are lying to us), and we must ignore absolutely everything else. Those are the only tactics that will aid us in this brutal war of deception against our own people other than the following.

    Finally, we come again to Mind Over Matter. And this is wholeheartedly, absolutely the Real Truth, here. Simply put, in situations where the basic mass of public is in stress over plague, a great majority of those who belive they will survive, simply because they’ve convinced themselves that they can, will end up surviving, whereas those that have convinced themselves that they will die, for any reason, most likely will die. This is because the human Mind’s processed, meditated perceptions are much stronger than any new, shady, corrupt information that is attempting to penatrate it.

    AMEN! My friends, there is absolutely no reason to wear a face mask at any time. You will survive strong without one — I guarantee it. -MIKE EYE

    * Do the math yourself: if there are about 333,000,000 people in our country of America, and approximately 1,000,000 have died of Covid-19, then that is about only 0.3% of the population. Nothing to get frenzied about.

    P.S. Let’s say you don’t believe me, and you still feel like you have to wear a mask everywhere you go. Well you obviously haven’t considered the following. Okay, let’s assume that you’re wearing a mask and someone who’s totally infected beside you sneezes, Covid-19 flies into your direction, and your mask somehow manages to block the coronavirus by catching it on its edge instead of hitting your mouth or nose. So, then do you really want to walk around with coronavirus attached to your mask as you talk to people and flip it up and around your face? Yah, I didn’t think so!

    P.P.S. One more thing. You may be wondering, with all the controversy over masks: why have scientists not conducted any clinical trials yet to prove without any doubt that masks work to protect people from viruses? The answer is that these scientists have conducted these trials, and their results did not turn out in their favor! The reason the scientists can’t expose the truth of these trials to the public is that they have wasted billions of dollars on mask propaganda already for the past two years, and they don’t want to generate additional fear into the public anymore than there is already, not to mention it would delegitimize their otherwise respectable institutions if this truth ever got out.

    P.P.P.S. This article is not what I “believe.” It is my intuition of reality; the content herein has absolutely nothing to do with my personal opinion. And the reality is that wearing a face mask for a prolonged period of time greatly lowers your immunity; you can’t wear a mask for two years, suddenly take it off, and then expect everything is going to be fine — it won’t be. If you’re currently wearing a mask, you need to keep it on for the rest of your life in order for it to continue to be effective. Once you take your mask off, your immunity will become much lower than it was before you ever put it on; this is a major reason for never putting it on in the first place. Similarly, if you’ve been vaccinated, you need to continue to get booster shots every four months for the rest of your life if you want your immunity to stay strong. If you miss a single dose, your immunity will then become lower than it was before you ever got vaccinated. For this reason, no one should be getting vaccinated, except the severely immunocompromised, and those dying of cancer.

    The Future is Now

    The Future does not discriminate; no one will be saved from the Future completely, physically intact. At least not in the way we are now. Not even those few like us who think for ourselves. But, unlike the vast majority of the population, we who Truly think for ourselves will at least finally have a clear Vision of the Truth before we die. And I can promise you that we who have that Last True Vision will have our Souls brought to a more Mindful place than everyone else, on a Higher level than ever before.

    We are not elitist. We are Outcasts. No one has ever taken us seriously. But we Know the Truth because we are not influenced by anything we see or read anywhere other than recognizing that these were statements made by other people, not us. They are worth considering, but are, for all intents and purposes, meaningless. To think for ourselves, we need to experience reality first-hand in all situations, at all times. Someone else’s Word is only just that — someone else’s Word. It is not in any way our Word.

    At this critical juncture in time, we overly analytical people of the world who value more than anything else Truly thinking for ourselves, realize one simple thing above all else: the sad, horrifying truth is that the amalgamation of all world politics, religion, media, and institutions have been, through an excruciatingly slow, grueling method, via higher elemental, cosmic manipulation, purposefully conglomerating into a supreme demonic energy, in an effort to bring down all world cultures without the people of those cultures realizing what brought them down.

    That’s what always happens.

    The deception of this is what is demonic. But believe it or not, the Apocalypse will not be. The Apocalypse, like all others of each Age before this one, is supposed to happen every so often; they are as natural to this Earth as you and I am, and how we relate to it. The manners in which they happen are the topic of discussion here.

    This is a major reason why there must never be any divine intervention at any time, and especially not during an Apocalypse; things must be allowed to naturally take their courses on their own. I have never understood when otherwise intelligent individuals who think for themselves question some god or entity as to why they “aren’t coming to save us.” The entities are there. They just can’t save us. Or rather, they won’t. And this is not a bad thing. You See, the purpose of life is for we human beings to Observe and Imagine the God that we always Knew we were, even before we were born into these bodies, to organically and mindfully reconnect the dots into our higher selves. If the gods were to intervene during our human lives on Earth, none of us would ever be able to accomplish this, our main tasks on this planet, and safely land back on the other side. Not to mention, we would then be even more horrified and confused than before. In addition to allowing the enrichments of the personal successes of our lives to fully absorb into our consciousnesses, if we are finally able to see things for how they Truly are before our bodies die, then the true purposes of our current lives on Earth will have been met.

    Let me put this bluntly. And it may seem counterintuitive at first. But the first step in figuring out how things Truly are on our planet is to fully realize that, given the ways things are ultimately supposed to be, and especially with today’s deliberate disinformation campaigns on the internet, there is absolutely no possible way for any human being, no matter who we are or where we’re located, to completely Know exactly what is going on in our world. Deductive reasoning isn’t as effective when so much propaganda is out there. It is not worth trying to figure out what is and isn’t True in the content of online news articles, no matter what the source; they are not even worth reading. And even though there are some decent printed news articles that may be worth reading just to see what people are actually choosing to believe, they are often too rife with slanted views and warped syntax to be taken at face value. Even videos can be “deepfaked,” but that also doesn’t mean we should automatically assume they aren’t real. Again, it is impossible for anyone to Know everything that is really happening in our world, no matter what we tell ourselves. But, once we accept this fact, fill in the blanks by thinking for ourselves — meaning, getting out there and experiencing life in person while thinking critically and reading books printed before the internet went online — and then prepare to die, we will then have the possibility to gain a Vision of the Real Truth for what It is as we die out of our bodies, accepting this death. And those reading this article already Know this fact, like I do, simply because it has happened to us before.

    But, what’s the point, we may ask, if we are then dead once we finally know the Truth? You See, our lives can be fun and enriching and wonderful as we help each other think for ourselves throughout them. But, believe it or not, we are all still living on a very undeveloped, inhumane planet that does not ultimately serve any of our basic, natural interests. This is the reason those who live closest to nature think of many generations down the line, whereas those stuck in constructs of societies think only of the current one. Well-knit indigenous tribal cultures are in fact, and always have been, by far the most advanced cultures of the world; they help advance the well-functioning aspects of it much better and faster than any other culture. It is too bad they are practically extinct. When we live close to nature and keep this in mind, we will have a better chance of remembering this fact when we are reborn.

    The Future may be Now. But it is just the Past of our next Future. “The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.” When we come back next time, we will be genetically enhanced if and only if we were able to overcome being duped about our human reality during this run of our lives. And the only way to do that is to think for ourselves and not let others think for us. Our genes all have the possibility to be reborn again into future humans into a new Earth, even when everything gets completely wiped out. How do we know for sure? Well, when we analyze the Sciences of Earth very deeply, we truly get a sense of how life behaves by way of death, and vice versa. Wonderful ecosystems could never thrive so beautifuly and complexly if death wasn’t also intermingled with the lives of the different plants and animals on it. If we didn’t die, our human lives would be meaningless. The main reason History repeats itself is because practically no one ever lives long enough to remember what actually happened, and the written History of our world has never been accurate, even before the internet ever existed.

    This is why we must constantly, critically think for ourselves at all times. Everything we are exposed to online and via TV must be taken with a grain of salt, especially during wartime. Are there still people in the world who don’t at all use social media except WordPress, or don’t use cell phones or have cable or stream programs? You bet your ass there are! I am one of them. I digest printed books and published e-books exclusively. Sure, it leaves me feeling a bit lonely. But I can guarantee you that I am not in the slightest bit confused about a single thing in my life. I am ready to Ascend to the next level. Are you? -MIKE EYE

    One should not necessarily take to heart everything that is read online, including this article. But these Words do Truly come from my heart. Here are a bunch of recent photos of my dog Frankie and Eye. Peace to all of you! Love, Mike Eye.

    Welcome, New Friends, to that Nightmare Future we Knew would Someday Come.

    “Please Remember, Your Smile and Good Feeling can Help Others in Many Ways.” –Dr. E. Shan Tang, local holistic doctor in Boston’s Allston neighborhood.

    Mind Over Matter in 2022

    Viruses that attack the human Body can be strong. But not nearly as strong as the human Mind.

    A big secret that is fully kept from the general world populations is that it is fully possible for any human being to fully, continuously deflect any virus from their Body with their Mind. You simply don’t need anything else to do this except your Mind.

    How is this possible? Let me tell you.

    First off, before we even start to begin exploring this natural human phenomenon gifted to us from the gods, and in order to prevent self-sabotage down the line, it is absolutely essential for you to immediately cancel your cable television and radio subscriptions as well as to start to limit your internet use to no more than an hour per day, total. Accomplishing this for at least 28 full days functions as a pre-cleansing to the initial process.

    The first thing that is absolutely necessary in order to be able to successfully deflect viruses from your Body with your Mind is to start training yourself, with thought-provoking books, music, and all sorts of art, to completely rid yourself of FEAR. Your genes will start to adapt and your immunity will strengthen. A perfect, modern-day example of a song guiding you away from Fear is TOOL‘s Fear Inoculum, from their 7th album, FEAR INOCULUM. Although easier said than done, this step is the vital prerequisite required to even begin thinking of proceeding to the next level.

    Once you are free from Distraction and Fear, the fun can begin. You, yes you, can feel excited to now embrace your life as truly your own. Despite all having the same humanity, we humans are all our own unique snowflakes, each on our own different paths, and each having the natural capability to be able to think for ourselves. No one has the right to force you to think or do anything that you don’t believe or want to do. This, however, comes with some unpleasant consequences; you will, for a time, feel isolated and become unpopular among the majority of your peers, as well as start to be ridiculed by many people on a daily basis. But, as relapse is necessary for the full recovery of an alcoholic, this is an essential step in awakening to who you truly are while at the same time being consciously present in your current life on the face of this dying Earth.

    Which is exactly what you need in order to be able to start to actively deflect any virus from your Body with your Mind. If you have somehow been able to reach this point unscathed, the next thing to tackle may be the most difficult for the majority of people reading this.

    Unless you live in a deep, magical underground cavern apart from world societies, I can hereby guarantee you that, after achieving this level of consciousness and lifestyle, 99.9% of the people with whom you converse with on a daily basis will not hesitate to tell you that they think you are now full-blown crazy. Because the majority of people living in societies nowadays will never reach this level of self-awareness. Although, once again, dealing with this is much easier said than done, it is actually a symptom of you getting closer to your true, best self, which in turn strengthens your Mind to be able to deflect viruses. In addition to this, if you read real stories about how humans became gods, like the seminal Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, for example, you will start to notice how the strength of your Mind can literally overcome physical matter. Awakening to your Mind in this manner, which involves active, directional application and facilitation of your own Mental Waves is the final step in learning how to block any virus, natural or man-made. As well as bringing into your strength and awareness so much more than that.

    This part, which isn’t really the last part, but is only just the beginning of you learning how to conquer your reality and reverse your aging, is by far the most complex. In the height of individual human awareness, one comes to realize that our human thoughts, in conjunction with the present thoughts of animals and plants, as well as the cosmic dynamics of the celestial elements of our Solar System, literally make manifest everything that physically happens in our world. In actuality, we are all latent, downed Superstars from Supernovae, enjoying our individual and collective human lives on Mother Earth, while preparing for our astral journey back into those Stars. What you’re reading is not Science Fiction. You are not crazy. Those who don’t recognize and try to achieve the important, real information in this article will be destined to die of viruses and have more reincarnations on this planet, and during times that may be far worse to our present-day. But maybe that’s what you need. Or, just maybe, it’s what you now have the tools to overcome. Mass Peace. -MIKE EYE

    A 2022 Check-In; Waking Up To What We Predicted.

    I understand that my views are not popular, but for those few followers I have on WordPress who may be interested in my take on all this political bullshit that has come to light, here goes. I’ll keep this one simple in order to stay out of the highlights of political trends, because, unlike the “social” norm (which isn’t the least bit social), I have little regard for what “everyone else” is talking about.

    First of all, political parties are, were, and always will be only as trustworthy to its members as the Mafia or pimps of prostitutes; meaning that they can be incredibly trustworthy at times to them, but times are always changing with the culture, which is now run by the internet, which has in turn been hijacked by disinformation and even downright lies which even sometimes double as “fact-check sites,” so we can then logically conclude that they are at least mostly NOT based on facts.

    The main thing that is going on now in America is that leading Communists (yes, I said Communists), like trump and his Russian cronies (the association of which is a REAL THING, not an anti-propaganda campaign) erroneously assume that “Socialism,” which they are deathly afraid of, is virtually identical to what they believe to be Communism (which is NOT the case here in the U.S.). Thus, in their hijacked minds, the only way to fight “Socialism” is to convert Capitalists into Fascists, which is working exceedingly well. At the same time, whether conscious of it or not, they are attempting to FOOL U.S. citizens into believing that Communism is actually Fascism (which has also proved an incredibly easy thing to do). And, since Congress has an identical social dynamic to high school cliques, most Republicans in office, like high school students, therefore also fear rejection and Socialism just as trump and the Russians do, who are in fact Communist, not Fascist.

    The fact is that, in his distorted mind, trump actually believes that he is Fascist, pretending to be Capitalist, but in reality, is truly Communist. A new kind of corrupt Communist, for sure, but Communist, nevertheless. THAT is why this whole thing is so damn confusing. Not to mention he has exposed his wanna-be Fascist, fake Capitalist, Communist followers for what they truly are.

    Of course, it’s a bit more convoluted than that, but in keeping things as straightforward and truthful as possible, it really is as simple as that.

    If you think about it this way, it all makes perfect sense. You just need to think for yourself in order to realize it.

    My main message here to my readers is to never fall into a mold, no matter how gung-ho you are about any attractive ideology, because, if you do, the rapid changes in our culture will soon come back to bite you in the ass. Be progressive while also being proactive because “progression” is now expanding at an exponential rate, due to the elemental entity that has taken over, which we ultimately have little to no control over.

    The absolute best thing anyone reading this can do in my opinion to better the state of affairs today is to continue to stay true to what you learned reading real books before the internet was declassified from the military in 1990, and during the 90s before the internet was what it is today. If you’re Gen-Z, read your parents’ and family members’ physical books. Actually LISTEN to and read along with the lyrics of Rage Against the Machine as you listen. They couldn’t be more relevant today. Try to be nice to the people you thought you related to, and if they are not responsive, leave them alone for now, as difficult as it may be. And never, never let anyone or anything convince you that you are wrong about your convictions. Because you are not. Mass Peace. -MIKE EYE

    Frankie and Eye at the Park this Fall.

    Unique, Artful Fans of Perpetual Super-Life on Our Earth Everlasting, Please Join Me NOW in Tuning Your Minds to the 13:20 Harmonic Module!

    Okay! We are now well submerged within the Dark Murk of the oversaturated, hyper-imposed back-streams of bio-psychic toxic waste left in the cybernetic Wake of the numerous warring factions’ competition for ultimate control in multimedia disinformation campaigns on this sad, sad thing we call the internet. Now, we separate, truly independently-minded Indigo Children of Generations X, Y, & Z (about 0.008% of the remaining original 12-Tribe population of the 3rd Seeding through Amenti) are left treading against this brutally bitter Kold Kurrent of Khaos amid Kovid, our enthusiastic devotion to making a perfect landing on the Other Side conjuring up archaic creative energy that is now factoring to a Spark, by Time, and currently bringing about our new, wonderful, and psycho-harmonic Peaceful future of divine utopian alignment into the present light.

    Eye ask all you relentless truth-seeking Readers of Dark Esoterika now a question through the Throat Chakra. Alas, this will reach your present Conscious Mind through Wyrds derived of the Solar Logos Seen by your Eyes instead of Heard by your Ears, and be projected through the technosphere on the cybernet to be read by You high, spiritual WordPress readers and bloggers aiming to connect to like-minded intellectual individuals of the modern world who are working to make a positive difference in the new psychozoic æra of the Noosphere, made miraculously manifest Now!

    Who’s with me!?

    All we need is 144,000 Indigos in the Field activating their Flame NOW with at least 4 or more strands of consciously-assembled DNA reclaimed by symbol Light Codes of coincided Sacred Geometry at the relevant coordinates of Gaia. I.E. if you have the slightest klue as to what I’m talkin’ about, get the fuck out there and start doing the final intended Wyrk!

    My Friends & Family, please See lawoftime.org. E-mail me for free secret books in PDF.

    Please Like & Comment now on this here post to let me know you guys are IN with getting Mindful of the telepathic frequencies streaming to us from Sirius B-52 via the GM108X Galactic Mayan Mind Stream. We People of OMA [Original Matrix Attained*] are Mindfully now constructing and illuminating the circumpolar rainbow bridge of the Noosphere!

    Again, who’s with me!? This is a roll call! State your name and location below! Mass Peace, everybody. -MIKE EYE / ☠ darkesoterika.com

    *Activation and 7-directional multidimensional application of the Holomind Perceiver codes received by Volam Votan (José Arguelles), Closer of the Cycle, who’s Essence Ascended in 2011, just prior to the Timeship Launch 2013+ in order to officially esotericaly initiate the long-awaited next Cycle of Creation. José Arguelles was the very man who initiated the most momentous, seminal Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

    A Remarkable New Epik Chapter of Visionary Metal gets Written with this Ground-Shattering New Record.


    Eye was born in the USA, in 1983, 2 months before the Montauk “Project” was initiated.

    In 2003, at the age of 20, I was in college, working at a tea bar, and recording drumkit and vocal sessions in the studio at my school, happy as all hell and everything was wonderful. I had been HARD into writing hip-hop and slam poetry, and had recently received a HUGE dose of highly spiritual inspiration; my writing had improved exponentially between ’99 and ’02, and people were noticing. But then suddenly the source of influence for all of my writing completely disappeared, very rapidly, out of the blue, and it has baffled me ever since. To this day, despite having written and published an incredibly unique allegorical, archetypal Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel written during 2011, ’12, & ’13, I have still been unable to distribute and sell any copies of it properly, which has nevertheless been my “career” this past decade. And yet, it has never been able to offer me any fruits of labor, whatsoever, not even One Poisoned Apple.

    Looking into it for years, I found out in 2010 that in 2003, both the magnetic and electrical peaks of an 80-year dimensional blend project had occurred within 3 months of each other, and the alignment with the signets of Earth’s Templar (12-dimensional matrix) was both naturally and artificially connected to our current timeline on Earth via both naturally-occurring and forcefully-directed higher-dimensional frequencies resonating throughout our Harmonic Universes in Krystal and Fibonacci spirals (see below). It is also important to note that 2003 was also the year that the much-beloved Dimebag Darrell Abbott of the infamous PANTERA was assassinated on the anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination, effectively ending the Nü Metal wave that was started by Korn in 1994 (the same year Kurt Cobain blew his brains out with a shotgun, effectively ending the Grunge scene.) Thank you greatly to all of the real Lightworkers who grounded the Earth’s frequency with their bodies at the location of the Arc Planetary Seed Atom (APSA) at that time in Southern France. Without your help, the planet would have undoubtedly suffered major “natural” disasters, the Tribulations having initiated on Earth 20 years sooner. That’s why SARS (the Virus that causes Covid-19) was engineered and ready to infect the masses in 2003, but there was a problem — one more piece of the puzzle needed to be solved before wrapping this all up.

    Something seriously Intense was needed in this dimensional blend experiment that peaked energetically in 2003, which E’Asha Melchizedek (formerly Ashayana Deane, MCEO* Speaker 1) calls Hetharo (electric) / Hethalon (magnetic). Using the natural frequencies of our solar system’s planets’ processions in relation to Earth, and in conjunction with Venus transits in particular, as well as Earth’s lunar phases (remember that Venus is still in anti-phase to Earth), all connected to the artificial holes in timespace/spacetime that were ripped open by both the Philadelphia Experiment (1943) as well as the Montauk Project (1983), the close of the full 80-year experiment would need to occur to set everything in motion for the true Apocalypse. Just in time for my 40th Birthday.

    That is why I am writing this article. I have just received Word from my channels that in 2023, there will be a “perfect storm” of events occurring simultaneously: Venus’s Pentagonal Alignment with Hetharo / Hethalon (which I call the H Event, referencing the TOOL song) in conjunction with CERN’s large hadron collider outputting 14 TeV, will initiate an intimate connection, and an apocalyptic conclusion, to the high degree of coupling frequencies still emitting from both heinous occurrences of the Phi-Ex & Montauk Project.

    Which brings us to the ultimate lyrical meaning of TOOL‘s “Descending,” off their latest, most incredible 7th album, FEAR INOCULUM [2019]. I tend to think this is a song about the collective unconscious of humanity finally experiencing the certain onset of the prophesied Trials and Tribulations — the last stand Humanity will have to make against false idols, corrupt governments, distorted religions, and unreal “History.” Maynard James Keenan, like E’Asha Melchizedek, is a true modern-day prophet, here to guide true Angelic 12-strand, 12-Tribe human beings of the 3rd Seeding to the 5th World of the 2nd Harmonic Universe, Tara — Future Earth, which will now be accessible to us by August 13th, 2023 (dimensions 4, 5, & 6). Only remaining vigilant, mindful, and WITHOUT FEAR can we, as a human race, Ascend to the next level, and each become Kryst for Ourselves. Mass Peace. -MIKE EYE / darkesoterika.com

    Happy Full Moon and upcoming Autumnal Equinox 2021, everybody, and I’ll See You with bong in hand on the Other Side in 2023, awaiting the arrival of Hitler and the grey Zetas!

    *MCEO = Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Orderthe true modern-day, non-dogmatic Freedom Teachings based on the original Law of One, originally used in Atlantian & Mu societies [this is not at all related Drunvalo Melchizedek, & his Flower of Life Facilitation; E’Asha conducts Kathara Healing 12-Tree workshops based on Keylontic Science]

    I leave you with the full details of How To Unlock Your True Self and Save Humanity NOW:

    RESIDENT EVIL : VILLAGE : A Truly Dark, Creepy Adventure [PS4]

    Okay, guys, I’m not gonna even give an intro spew-rant, Eye just wanna quickly introduce you all in enthusiasm to just a few of the first exciting, grim, fucked-up images (in screen shots) of the ultra-highly-anticipated Resident Evil 8, the horrifying sequel to RE:7 biohazard (from yours truly).

    We find ourselves this time in an intimate PS VR-enabled first-person version of the continuation of not-just-your-average survival action game (albeit, the progenitor in classic post-apocalyptic zombie survival games) that features a lowly, dimb-witted civilian for the first time as a protagonist, instead of one of a slew of veteran Black-Ops Bioweapon mercenaries and/or tactical field specialists experienced in slaying horrific metahuman creatures of Curse and War, as usual (Umbrella, BSAA, RPD, STARS, US FBI, TRICELL). Shout-out to Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, & Leon S. Kennedy!

    Ethan Winters is a poor soul in a poor predicament that finds himself in a panicky struggle to rescue his infant daughter, who has just been kidnapped arbitrarily, for some reason, by Chris Redfield of Resident Evil fame, and is now being used in a Dark, secret, zombie-fungus-infested Ritual to serve Mother Miranda, the cordycepts-like Dark Virus Successor to Eveline, of RE:7 fame. (We’re talkin’ E-series viruses, now.)

    Lotta absurdly farfetched, dark and twisted, and just straight-downright bizarre, fucked-up shit happenin’ in this game, I’ll tell ya straight-up, and that’s a good thing. I’ll start you guys off with some of the best personal action-shots I managed to capture of my plays through this incredibly exciting, always-creepy game! [RE:8] -MIKE EYE


    Greetings! 🏞

    I DO sure hope all you free-thinking risk-takers, trail hoppers, and bookworm buddies of mine following Dark Esoterika are havin’ a joyous, epik Summer!

    Remember, the best way to get your creative juices and positive vibes flowing is to continue to stay true to that most mindfully-constructed Inner Self Complex of yours regardless of all those other strong, intrusive energies that try to penatrate it, while at the same time still considering what these energies may have to offer you at some other time down the Path.

    I SURELY know this is easier said than done — try singing a sad song softly close to the forested Earth by a moving stream for a bit, and then come back twenty-eight days later, and do it again at the same time, no matter what the weather. It’s much easier to connect with yourself, your thoughts, and Nature when examining all sides of yourself, as they stare looking back at You. Being in the Moment is not a momentary thing; Awareness is constantly continuous, endlessly retrievable and transmissional, in the Consciousness of Now, for every moment. -MIKE EYE 🔥

    Frankie & Eye at the Beach Summer 2021

    The Wonderful Uses of Literary Devices

    Literary Devices can make the words of a novel pop up into your head as if you were watching a 3D movie. They can be amazing when well used. Coupled with your imagination, there are no limits to how Literary Devices can enhance the content of a story and make it come alive for you with ultra-realistic fervor. We will eventually discuss some basic applications of Literary Devices in future posts, with examples. As for now, consider this list of the Literary Devices we have at our disposal, and see how many you know already: -MIKE EYE


    • Accumulation
    • Acrostic
    • Active Voice
    • Ad Hominem
    • Adage
    • Adynaton
    • Allegory
    • Alliteration
    • Allusion
    • Ambiguity
    • Amplification
    • Anachronism
    • Anacoluthon
    • Anadiplosis
    • Anagnorisis
    • Anagram
    • Analogy
    • Analytical Essay
    • Anapest
    • Anaphora
    • Anecdote
    • Antagonist
    • Antanaclasis
    • Antecedent
    • Anthimeria
    • Anthology
    • Anthropomorphism
    • Anti-Climax
    • Anti-Hero
    • Antimetabole
    • Antiphrasis
    • Antistrophe
    • Antithesis
    • Aphorism
    • Aphorismus
    • Aporia
    • Aposiopesis
    • Apostrophe
    • Appositive
    • Archaism
    • Archetype
    • Argument
    • Argumentative Essay
    • Aside
    • Assertion
    • Assonance
    • Asyndeton
    • Atmosphere
    • Attitude
    • Audience
    • Auditory Imagery
    • Autobiography


    • Balanced Sentence
    • Ballad
    • Bandwagon
    • Bathos
    • Bias
    • Bildungsroman
    • Biography
    • Black Humor
    • Blank Verse


    • Cacophony
    • Cadence
    • Caesura
    • Canon
    • Canto
    • Caricature
    • Catachresis
    • Catalog
    • Catastrophe
    • Catharsis
    • Cause and Effect Essay
    • Character
    • Characterization
    • Chiasmus
    • Circumlocution
    • Claim
    • Cliché
    • Cliffhanger
    • Climax
    • Coherence
    • Colloquialism
    • Comedy
    • Comic Relief
    • Comparatives
    • Comparison
    • Comparison and Contrast Essay
    • Conceit
    • Concession
    • Conflict
    • Connotation
    • Consonance
    • Context
    • Contrast
    • Couplet
    • Critical Essay
    • Critique
    • Cumulative Sentence


    • Dactyl
    • Deductive Reasoning
    • Denotation
    • Denouement
    • Deus Ex Machina
    • Diacope
    • Dialect
    • Dialogue
    • Diatribe
    • Dichotomy
    • Diction
    • Didacticism
    • Digression
    • Dilemma
    • Direct Characterization
    • Discourse
    • Dissonance
    • Distortion
    • Doppelganger
    • Double Entendre
    • Drama
    • Dramatic Irony
    • Dramatic Monologue
    • Dynamic Character
    • Dysphemism
    • Dystopia


    • Elegy
    • Elision
    • Ellipsis
    • End Rhyme
    • End-Stopped Line
    • Enjambment
    • Enthymeme
    • Enumeration
    • Epic
    • Epigram
    • Epigraph
    • Epilogue
    • Epiphany
    • Epiphora
    • Epistle
    • Epistolary
    • Epistrophe
    • Epitaph
    • Epithet
    • Epizeuxis
    • Eponym
    • Eristic
    • Essay
    • Ethos
    • Eulogy
    • Euphemism
    • Euphony
    • Evidence
    • Exact Rhyme
    • Exaggeration
    • Exemplum
    • Existentialism
    • Expletive
    • Explication
    • Explicatory Essay
    • Exposition
    • Expository Essay
    • Extended Metaphor
    • External Conflict
    • Eye Rhyme


    • Fable
    • Fairy Tale
    • Fallacy
    • Falling Action
    • Fantasy
    • Farce
    • Feminine Rhyme
    • Fiction
    • Figurative Language
    • Figure of Speech
    • Flash-Forward
    • Flashback
    • Flat Character
    • Foil
    • Folklore
    • Foot
    • Foreshadowing
    • Frame Story
    • Free Verse


    • Genre


    • Haiku
    • Half Rhyme
    • Hamartia
    • Hero
    • Homily
    • Homograph
    • Homophone
    • Hook
    • Hubris
    • Humor
    • Hyperbaton
    • Hyperbole
    • Hypophora
    • Hypotaxis
    • Hypothetical Question


    • Iamb
    • Iambic Pentameter
    • Idiom
    • Illusion
    • Imagery
    • Imperative Sentence
    • Implied Metaphor
    • In Medias Res
    • Inciting Incident
    • Induction
    • Inference
    • Innuendo
    • Internal Rhyme
    • Intertextuality
    • Invective
    • Inversion
    • Irony
    • Isocolon


    • Jargon
    • Juxtaposition


    • Kenning
    • Kinesthesia


    • Lampoon
    • Legend
    • Limerick
    • Line Break
    • Litotes
    • Logos
    • Lyric
    • Lyric Poem


    • Main Idea
    • Malapropism
    • Maxim
    • Meiosis
    • Melodrama
    • Memoir
    • Metalepsis
    • Metaphor
    • Metaphysical
    • Meter
    • Metonymy
    • Monologue
    • Mood
    • Moral
    • Motif
    • Motivation
    • Myth


    • Narrative
    • Narrative Poem
    • Naturalism
    • Nemesis
    • Neologism
    • Non Sequitur
    • Nostalgia
    • Novel
    • Novella


    • Octave
    • Ode
    • Omniscient
    • Onomatopoeia
    • Ordinal Number
    • Overstatement
    • Oxymoron


    • Pacing
    • Palindrome
    • Parable
    • Paradox
    • Paralipsis
    • Parallel Structure
    • Parallelism
    • Paraphrase
    • Paraprosdokian
    • Parataxis
    • Parenthesis
    • Parody
    • Paronomasia
    • Parrhesia
    • Passive Voice
    • Pastiche
    • Pathetic Fallacy
    • Pathos
    • Pedantic
    • Pentameter
    • Periphrasis
    • Persona
    • Personification
    • Perspective
    • Persuasion
    • Persuasive Essay
    • Play
    • Pleonasm
    • Plot
    • Poem
    • Poetic Justice
    • Point of View
    • Polyptoton
    • Polysyndeton
    • Portmanteau
    • Procatalepsis
    • Process Essay
    • Prologue
    • Propaganda
    • Prose
    • Prosody
    • Prosthesis
    • Protagonist
    • Proverb
    • Pun


    • Quatrain


    • Realism
    • Rebuttal
    • Red Herring
    • Reductio ad Absurdum
    • Refrain
    • Refutation
    • Repetition
    • Resolution
    • Rhetoric
    • Rhetorical Devices
    • Rhetorical Question
    • Rhyme
    • Rhyme Scheme
    • Rhythm
    • Riddle
    • Rising Action
    • Romance
    • Romanticism
    • Round Character
    • Run-On Sentence


    • Sarcasm
    • Satire
    • Scansion
    • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
    • Semantic
    • Sensory Language
    • Sesquipedalian
    • Sestet
    • Sestina
    • Setting
    • Short Story
    • Sibilance
    • Simile
    • Simple Paragraph
    • Situational Irony
    • Slang
    • Snark
    • Solecism
    • Soliloquy
    • Sonnet
    • Sound Devices
    • Speaker
    • Spondee
    • Stanza
    • Static Character
    • Straw Man
    • Stream of Consciousness
    • Style
    • Subjective
    • Subplot
    • Superlative
    • Surrealism
    • Suspense
    • Syllogism
    • Symbolism
    • Syncope
    • Synecdoche
    • Synesis
    • Synesthesia
    • Syntax


    • Tautology
    • Tercet
    • Theme
    • Thesis
    • Tmesis
    • Tone
    • Tragedy
    • Tragic Flaw
    • Tragic Hero
    • Tragicomedy
    • Transition
    • Tricolon
    • Trimeter
    • Trochaic
    • Trope
    • Truism


    • Understatement
    • Undertone
    • Utopia


    • Verbal Irony
    • Verisimilitude
    • Vernacular
    • Verse
    • Vignette
    • Villanelle
    • Voice
    • Volta


    • Wit


    • Zeugma
    • Zoomorphism


    More sick The Last of Us Part II shots of mine. This was an incredibly enjoyable, totally epic, realistic video game, and was a complete thrill to play! And the gameplay is tight and smooth. This game also features some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the PS4, and I will be uploading prime screenshots from this game soon. I’ve noticed the uploads of HD videos on WordPress dramatically reduce the quality, so I would recommend you either download or ask me for copies of the original — Thanx!



    * * * * [SPOILER ALERT] * * * *

    Here are some seriously intense video clips from The Last of Us Part II played by yours truly as Abby of the WLF faction. The Wolves have been competing with the Seraphites for control of Seattle in a post-pandemic, post-apocalyptic world; all of the police have either been killed or joined the Wolves. But when Abby is almost hung and gutted by the religious Seraphites, she is saved by a young boy Lev, and his sister, who had been ousted by the Seraphites, and the leader of the Wolves soon catches Abby affiliating herself with the “Scars,” as the Wolves call them. With Lev now a resented apostate, and Abby forced to defect from the Wolves, she and Lev eventually travel to Santa Barbara where the remnants of the Fireflies are supposed to be located, after Ellie kills Abby’s friends in anger over Ellie’s horrible loss of Joel. -MIKE EYE

    PS. There will be one more post of cool videos from The Last of Us Part II coming up!


    Getting behind the guns and huge arms of Joel’s killer, Abby, from The Last of Us Part II, gives the player different weapons and techniques, and allows you to also get inside the head of one of the game’s most brutal antagonists. Yes, she has a story of her own, and is actually a high-ranking member of Seattle’s Washington Liberation Front (WLF) who’s life gets saved by dissident ex-members of the primitive Seraphite faction, and ends up becoming a post-apocalyptic rogue outcast herself. Enjoy these short, badass video clips! -MIKE EYE


    Here are more totally badass video clips of me tactically slaying vicious, poor cordycepts-controlled zombies in The Last of Us Part II as the passionate and vengeful young Ellie, on a mission to bring down Abby. This very well-made game was incredibly fun and exciting to play, and I hope my blog readers of Dark Esoterika have fun watching these PS4 clips of my Last of Us Part II highlight reel! You’re Welcome! 😜 -MIKE EYE


    Now, here are some of my short, exciting, scary and wonderful video highlights as Ellie from The Last of Us II, exploring Seattle and taking out various stages of the cordycepts-infected as well as uninfected enemy faction members. I will make another post after this one featuring more videos of my high achievements with Ellie, and then make a few posts with videos of me as Abby, who is stronger and even better equipped to deal with zombies than Ellie is. Enjoy! -MIKE EYE


    After having had a blast playing through the highly anticipated PS4 game multiple times, and after reviewing and editing my personal video clips from it, I am now ready to showcase my Last of Us II big survival action highlight videos for the world to see!

    For those who were unaware, this action survival game sequel is the second installment in another highly emotional, yet also grisly, and most thrilling adventure that takes place in a post-pandemic, post-apocalyptic United States where most people have either died or have transmuted into various stages of sneaky, vicious feral zombies, due to the Outbreak of a cordycepts brain infection that has wiped out most of the world’s population. The last non-infected survivors of the US eventually dismantle all law-enforcement and split into separate warring factions that patrol the now destroyed and empty lands for supplies or other survivors.

    In the first game, 14-year old Ellie, seemingly the only survivor to be naturally immune to the virus, was being trafficked by members of the Fireflies faction across the country to be used, and then killed, to make a vaccine to the cordycepts. But Joel, the man charged with taking her on this trek to the Fireflies hospital base for the operation, was not about to let that happen once he found out it would kill her; not after the powerful bond they had made on their journey there, and how much Ellie reminded him of his own daughter, who had been tragically killed by quarantine zone feds.

    In the second game, Joel is killed for being the one to ruin any chance of there being a vaccine for the virus, and Ellie, severely emotionally distraught after witnessing his brutal murder, goes on a quest for revenge to take out Joel’s killer, Abby, of the WLF faction, who’s father was the doctor to perform Ellie’s operation in the first game, and was killed by Joel to save Ellie’s life. As a player, you get to control Joel, Ellie, and Abby at different times throughout the game. The bond Ellie and Joel make over the years is extraordinarily adorable and incredibly powerful, and it is so wonderful to be a part of it as a player. This special bond has also become beloved among countless Last of Us fans around the world, and has even spawned a TV show based on the game on HBO that is already amassing fans.

    I’ll begin my Last of Us II showcase with this first post, not of me stealthily evading and taking down infected zombies yet, but of a cut-scene of a flashback from when Joel thoughtfully takes Ellie to a science and nature museum for her birthday. Remember, these are post-apocalyptic times in a fictional US, and there is nobody around and nothing to do anymore. -MIKE EYE

    A special birthday for Ellie.


    The seventh, most amazing installment of the popular action-adventure series finds Kratos, the God of War, with a new young son in Midgard, one of the Nine Realms of Norse myth.

    Throughout their adventures, the battle-hardened monster-slayer and his son Atreus use newly-given magic to operate the World Tree to travel the realms, as they attempt to activate the Gate from Midgard that leads to the realms’ tallest peak in Jotenheim to spread the ashes of their late wife and mother. Allying themselves with two highly skilled Dwarven brother blacksmiths as well as the Witch of the Woods, Freya, Kratos and his son receive protection and advice that greatly aid in their quest to unlock the passage to Jotenheim.

    Throughout this epic game, we join these two, plus the friendly, story-filled talking Head of Mimir the All-Seer on their travels from Midgard, to Alfeim, Helheim, Muspelheim, and back again, Atreus learning how and where to properly channel his anger all the while as they aid warrior spirits and battle trolls, dragons, ogres, and witches to reach their goal. The only thing really stopping them from achieving this, ironically enough, is Freya’s son (and Thor’s brother) Baldur, who stalks them the entire game in order to try and reach Jotenheim himself.

    After reviewing hundreds of screenshots I took throughout this incredibly exciting game, here are the best ones so you all get to see how badass this game really is. Videos and images of more PS4 games to come. -MIKE EYE

    Our Latest Blog Post From Our Most Beloved Red Queen


    A New Study Circumvents a 178-year-old Theory

    Scientists have figured out a way to create and cancel magnetic fields from afar. 



    In this time in America, with its given increasingly palpable social paranoia-level and in our new world where over-obsessive, flat-out hysteria has become norm-public scenario, we must ask ourselves just precisely how RATIONAL are these once-obscure FEARS that’ve gripped the greater majority of us, now that in fact most of us behave as if we suddenly have those FEARS?

    An amount of time since the Outbreak struck March of this year, now heading outta November. All over a super-contagious, potentially deadly virus that now still continues to grow worse. “The churches will be packed by Easter!” 7rump had snarled non-whimsically that month.

    The country actually had to be shut down for two months, with one economic relief payment distributed publicly nationwide, and because many Republican governors are against masks, there are many places in this country that, quite shockingly, have been “packed” up with maskless people all bunched in together, nevertheless, everyone pressed up all together like sardines in a damn can.

    And people still fly everywhere within the US; millions of Americans just traveled this past Thanksgiving, despite the koronavirus being the worst it’s been yet, with more than a quarter million Americans now having painfully died from it. Godammit, 7rump, there’s no wonder a great majority of We US citizens, along with the electoral college, ACTUALLY LITERALLY DID physically vote Biden to kick down the door of the oval office with a shotgun, and FIRE YOUR ASS. AND TAKE OVER. GOODBYE, YOU FUCK-UP.

    YOU FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!! America is much worse, not greater, and now your fans are armed and pissed ’cause YOU LOST THE ELECTION. I honestly new that was your plan all along, you DESPICABLE HEARTLESS SCUMBAG!! GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL, DO NOT PASS FUCKING GO!!! //-MIKE EYE 🌀🌀🌀🌀



    Hello hard bloggers of the real and the intense. 🔥

    Eye am back to DARKESOTERIKA after an interesting, most enriching time running KULLING VOICES for several months, a kontroversial faKebook TOOL group I created to virtually monitor the most anticipated FEAR INOCULUM U.S. TOUR 2019.

    Eye was kurrently flourishing with much Winter excitement, kulling rewarding opportunities amid a snowy bounty of high-yield, all-natural white inspiration at Killington Resort in Vermont, February 2020, lining up my loving passion in hopes of reaping more relentless results for the sequel to The Aqueous Transmission this defining year of my writing career, and of all lives.

    Welkome, friends. And stay awhile. ☆☆☆☆☆

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