Mind Over Matter in 2022

Viruses that attack the human Body can be strong. But not nearly as strong as the human Mind.

A big secret that is fully kept from the general world populations is that it is fully possible for any human being to fully, continuously deflect any virus from their Body with their Mind. You simply don’t need anything else to do this except your Mind.

How is this possible? Let me tell you.

First off, before we even start to begin exploring this natural human phenomenon gifted to us from the gods, and in order to prevent self-sabotage down the line, it is absolutely essential for you to immediately cancel your cable television and radio subscriptions as well as to start to limit your internet use to no more than an hour per day, total. Accomplishing this for at least 28 full days functions as a pre-cleansing to the initial process.

The first thing that is absolutely necessary in order to be able to successfully deflect viruses from your Body with your Mind is to start training yourself, with thought-provoking books, music, and all sorts of art, to completely rid yourself of FEAR. Your genes will start to adapt and your immunity will strengthen. A perfect, modern-day example of a song guiding you away from Fear is TOOL‘s Fear Inoculum, from their 7th album, FEAR INOCULUM. Although easier said than done, this step is the vital prerequisite required to even begin thinking of proceeding to the next level.

Once you are free from Distraction and Fear, the fun can begin. You, yes you, can feel excited to now embrace your life as truly your own. Despite all having the same humanity, we humans are all our own unique snowflakes, each on our own different paths, and each having the natural capability to be able to think for ourselves. No one has the right to force you to think or do anything that you don’t believe or want to do. This, however, comes with some unpleasant consequences; you will, for a time, feel isolated and become unpopular among the majority of your peers, as well as start to be ridiculed by many people on a daily basis. But, as relapse is necessary for the full recovery of an alcoholic, this is an essential step in awakening to who you truly are while at the same time being consciously present in your current life on the face of this dying Earth.

Which is exactly what you need in order to be able to start to actively deflect any virus from your Body with your Mind. If you have somehow been able to reach this point unscathed, the next thing to tackle may be the most difficult for the majority of people reading this.

Unless you live in a deep, magical underground cavern apart from world societies, I can hereby guarantee you that, after achieving this level of consciousness and lifestyle, 99.9% of the people with whom you converse with on a daily basis will not hesitate to tell you that they think you are now full-blown crazy. Because the majority of people living in societies nowadays will never reach this level of self-awareness. Although, once again, dealing with this is much easier said than done, it is actually a symptom of you getting closer to your true, best self, which in turn strengthens your Mind to be able to deflect viruses. In addition to this, if you read real stories about how humans became gods, like the seminal Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, for example, you will start to notice how the strength of your Mind can literally overcome physical matter. Awakening to your Mind in this manner, which involves active, directional application and facilitation of your own Mental Waves is the final step in learning how to block any virus, natural or man-made. As well as bringing into your strength and awareness so much more than that.

This part, which isn’t really the last part, but is only just the beginning of you learning how to conquer your reality and reverse your aging, is by far the most complex. In the height of individual human awareness, one comes to realize that our human thoughts, in conjunction with the present thoughts of animals and plants, as well as the cosmic dynamics of the celestial elements of our Solar System, literally make manifest everything that physically happens in our world. In actuality, we are all latent, downed Superstars from Supernovae, enjoying our individual and collective human lives on Mother Earth, while preparing for our astral journey back into those Stars. What you’re reading is not Science Fiction. You are not crazy. Those who don’t recognize and try to achieve the important, real information in this article will be destined to die of viruses and have more reincarnations on this planet, and during times that may be far worse to our present-day. But maybe that’s what you need. Or, just maybe, it’s what you now have the tools to overcome. Mass Peace. -MIKE EYE


A 2022 Check-In; Waking Up To What We Predicted.

I understand that my views are not popular, but for those few followers I have on WordPress who may be interested in my take on all this political bullshit that has come to light, here goes. I’ll keep this one simple in order to stay out of the highlights of political trends, because, unlike the “social” norm (which isn’t the least bit social), I have little regard for what “everyone else” is talking about.

First of all, political parties are, were, and always will be only as trustworthy to its members as the Mafia or pimps of prostitutes; meaning that they can be incredibly trustworthy at times to them, but times are always changing with the culture, which is now run by the internet, which has in turn been hijacked by disinformation and even downright lies which even sometimes double as “fact-check sites,” so we can then logically conclude that they are at least mostly NOT based on facts.

The main thing that is going on now in America is that leading Communists (yes, I said Communists), like trump and his Russian cronies (the association of which is a REAL THING, not an anti-propaganda campaign) erroneously assume that “Socialism,” which they are deathly afraid of, is virtually identical to what they believe to be Communism (which is NOT the case here in the U.S.). Thus, in their hijacked minds, the only way to fight “Socialism” is to convert Capitalists into Fascists, which is working exceedingly well. At the same time, whether conscious of it or not, they are attempting to FOOL U.S. citizens into believing that Communism is actually Fascism (which has also proved an incredibly easy thing to do). And, since Congress has an identical social dynamic to high school cliques, most Republicans in office, like high school students, therefore also fear rejection and Socialism just as trump and the Russians do, who are in fact Communist, not Fascist.

The fact is that, in his distorted mind, trump actually believes that he is Fascist, pretending to be Capitalist, but in reality, is truly Communist. A new kind of corrupt Communist, for sure, but Communist, nevertheless. THAT is why this whole thing is so damn confusing. Not to mention he has exposed his wanna-be Fascist, fake Capitalist, Communist followers for what they truly are.

Of course, it’s a bit more convoluted than that, but in keeping things as straightforward and truthful as possible, it really is as simple as that.

If you think about it this way, it all makes perfect sense. You just need to think for yourself in order to realize it.

My main message here to my readers is to never fall into a mold, no matter how gung-ho you are about any attractive ideology, because, if you do, the rapid changes in our culture will soon come back to bite you in the ass. Be progressive while also being proactive because “progression” is now expanding at an exponential rate, due to the elemental entity that has taken over, which we ultimately have little to no control over.

The absolute best thing anyone reading this can do in my opinion to better the state of affairs today is to continue to stay true to what you learned reading real books before the internet was declassified from the military in 1990, and during the 90s before the internet was what it is today. If you’re Gen-Z, read your parents’ and family members’ physical books. Actually LISTEN to and read along with the lyrics of Rage Against the Machine as you listen. They couldn’t be more relevant today. Try to be nice to the people you thought you related to, and if they are not responsive, leave them alone for now, as difficult as it may be. And never, never let anyone or anything convince you that you are wrong about your convictions. Because you are not. Mass Peace. -MIKE EYE

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