Story Snippet #4 / from MIKE EYE‘s / The Aqueous Transmission

– from EPISODE FIVE / Chapter 24 –



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[chapter TWENTY-FOUR]_____________________________________

The mystical pond could not be seen.

Nothing could be seen.

It was mostly stale-ass dead silence in the air, as the terribly bewildered Magdalena suddenly got choked up, became still, and came to a nervous hush, remaining trapped in place.

And Magdalena’s precious Mandorla did not cry.

She could not cry.

In an atmosphere of pitch-black, Magdalena, who surely did not scare easily, started to whimper and her long elegant legs again began flailing about in a fluster, her back still locked into place in the air three feet above the surface of the space of Fucked-Earth that was beside the pond now as gloomy as could be.

And then, abruptly abandoning the attempt to break herself free of whatever held her, still in Darkness to the degree of Death, the Mother quickly then focused all of her attention upon her long-awaited most precious just below her, who, she now noticed, was not making the slightest bit of noise whatsoever.

“My precious!!” she exclaimed whole-heartedly, but panic-stricken.

Magdalena reached down in between her dangling legs to feel a super soggy umbilical cord hanging out of her that was pulled slightly Southward by gravity, separating her labias ever more apart from one another as the serpent twine swung fro and to leisurely, a baby-sized weight at the end of it, swaying forth and back like a pendulum predicting a path most unpromising.

Lina gasped!


And ever-so-slowly, the Full Moon gradually returned to light up the muggy sky and desolate landscape with a renewed soft, subtle glow as the Mother prodded her oozing vulva meticulously.

But the Moon did not shine nearly as bright as before.

It didn’t seem like it could.

Mother Magdalena shot her Head skyward to behold the new Full Moon revisited: it was burning Blood-Red with an hallucinogenic hazy melting fuzz blistering around its seamless circumference.


When she brought her Head back down to look beneath her, the Mother saw her most precious Mandorla hanging from her umbilical cord that remained attached to the placenta that was still stuck inside her uterus. A steady stream of blood from the Mother’s vagina was splashing into the messy mix, dousing the dangling Mandorla at the end of the spirally gut-like tube of intimate linkage, putting on a most horrifying bloody show dimly lit by the new brooding dark scarlet Lunar phantasm of stellar Fucked-Earth symmetry.

The faint, fiendish luster of the new blood-red Full Moon, subtly reflecting off the mystical pond, was shining the eeriest tone of macabre repugnance upon this vile horror-show nightmare image of the gory Mandorla, who swung gently in stony silence from the potent, sick fruit that remained lodged inside the deplorable Mother Magdalena.

Below her, just beyond her gaze downward, Lina caught sight of Amrita lapping up the crimson life-juice that was dripping daintily off the dangling, slowly swinging baby, which presented quite the atrocity of a spectacle. She instantly felt ill.

Unexpectedly, the grip that held Magdalena then let go, and the Mother fell fast toward her lovable android friend beneath, just missing Mandorla, landing ungracefully upon a substantial gathering of thick, lukewarm, slowly-flowing blood.
Her immense pain and anxiety had turned to utter numbness, and the Mother now felt nothing.

She gazed curiously, lovingly at her newborn on the ground beside her who looked horrid in the soft scarlet haze of the new Harvest Moon. There seemed to be some kind of debris all over the newborn’s body as well as on her face.

The deathly black baby was on her side, motionless, silent, and bathed in blood.

Magdalena’s gaze followed the length of Mandorla’s umbilical cord which extended out from the baby’s bellybutton and over the soiled ground, leading into her throbbing vagina.

And the Mother was too horrified, too struck still to notice how immensely repulsed she actually was at how insanely revolting Mandorla was in her appearance.

Lina lay unfettered in her own foul mess for a quiet, confused moment.


Then, she made her way closer to her silent newborn. That’s when she froze in astonishment, her mouth dropping wide open in total shock.

The baby was grizzly, having a thick coat of brown hair that was disheveled with damp, blood-caked licks of it swirled into its splotchy skin. It’s face was regrettably deformed and as ugly as could be, with jagged bumps of inhuman growths poking out of unassuming places.

And her precious remained silent. So Deathly Silent.

Yet the baby’s promising Heart still pumped. Her chest still drew in breaths of air, albeit arrhythmic breaths at that, and of air that was most spoiled.

Lina became angry now, and her intense physical pain returned to her with nausea, her Eyes widening with disgust as she glared at Mandorla in unnerved Horror.

The Mother then initiated a most highly emotional display of prolonged piercing screeches sprinkled with sodden snivels and moans that nearly blew her lungs out and surely reached the heavens as well as the core of the planet. Such a disturbing display this was to her — and One that the lovable Amrita simply would not discern; there is a good chance, in fact, that the robot may’ve shut down entirely at this very moment had it been engineered to execute a reaction to a human behavior so complex.

A brusque breeze then abruptly struck the dark sky with sharp gusts of post-apocalyptic squalls that were sprinkled with indiscernible prickly pieces of ashen inexplicables.


After the initial panic, Lina then unsuspectingly swayed herself into supposedly seeking out the sullen support of Solaria, never coming to see that it was in fact the supremacy of the spirited Lachrylon that she was secretly summoning subconsciously at this time.

During the following drawn-out instance, Magdalena found herself making raw, gorge-governed Love with short, nervy breaths to the disdainful air whirling around her distraught body, Love that was most candid, excruciatingly tender, intensely emotive. Lost deeply within her most painful sentiments exemplified, she felt as if she had just dropped a hundred pounds, becoming instantly anorexic as she desperately fucked the sky, arms spread out so wide, her precious deep-space, soul-sucked tears blinding all vision with a drowned-out nightmare pulsing in her Mind’s Eye.

Magdalena then suddenly remembered that the placenta was still stuck inside her.

The Mother abruptly picked up her newborn and brought the baby’s naval to her mouth, promptly tearing into the umbilical cord viciously with her teeth as she started chomping away at it. Shuddering hard, a disturbed Lina was now seeking to separate herself fast from the uncanny surprise that was her bundle of joy.
Upon separation of the cord from the Mother, Mandorla slowly opened her Eyes, and, upon doing so, gradually brought daylight to Fucked-Earth as if she was somehow able to summon the Sun with her newfound Liberation.


Rita crept forward, its shiny face covered in blood.

“My, oh my!” said the bot.

Lina was already looking skyward in stunned bemusement.

“Wow,” she remarked, “I can’t believe it…”

As the scenery slowly became brighter and brighter, the Mother felt better and better. The bold glimmering of her torso as well as from twenty-four inches Above her Head had dissipated, but her magical golden dress of Sun-woven photon fibers reappeared upon her body, illuminating itself more and more as it soon got to be brighter than ever before. -MIKE EYE


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Mike Eye found his passion for literature early in life, and has been reading and writing imaginative stories since elementary school. After working for several years on his own material, Mike Eye finally self-published his first novel, The Aqueous Transmission, in 2016. The author describes his debut tale of dark lore having been completely influenced by TOOL. He studies obscure sciences and philosophies, and is currently working on the sequel to his first novel. He has an incredible ear for music and also enjoys going alpine skiing and taking nature walks in the vast forests of his native New England. Mike Eye’s blog can be found at DarkEsoterika.com.


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