The Legendary Metal Master of Mystery


Hot Summer Dayslike this One usually remind me of havin’ cookouts and journeying through music-filled festival grounds in an appreciative daze.

Even when the festivals I attended were incredibly upbeat and badass as Ozzfest was during the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s. These Ozzfests were definitely more fun and fulfilling than any other day-long concerts I had been to, and always had a winding, topsy-turvy evil circus side-show-type feel to them, a brutal dose of dropped guitar chugs and maniacal war criesalways underlying the spread of expanse setup at each show. The wonderful thingabout these festivals was that, even as a young teen, there was usually a feeling that arose in me, upon frolicking the tents and stages of this hearty world-traveled freak-show entourage, that I wasn’t supposed to be there. Except, in reality, I always knew I really was supposed to be there; this wonderworld of revelatory…

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Chapter 8

She slipped from the shifting portal at the edge of the Hollow so softly as through running Water with a resolute spring, gorgeous as ever and Knowing it, leaping determinately onto the surface-plane of a post-apocalyptic shit-heap of ash and steam. The familiar radioactive residue of Fletcher Munsin’s ejaculation into mighty Mother Tara still lingered all about the Surface of Her, and was a horrid stench that Lina had gotten all-too-used to.

What a tremendous difference the air of the two separate realms bore! she marveled, thinking Inner-Earth and Surface-Earth complete opposites.

Not long after Birthing her Bry Dellows First-born, Mother Magdalena was forced to occasionally leave the child in the care of the old mystic Al Rodnam, as she agreed with Amrita to start Bathing in Breña in Agartha to stay revitalized in the way only a Hankerhawk could. But the Mother couldn’t shake the feeling that Al Rodnam somehow knew what she and her pet were doing. Upon returning to Surface-Earth after her First Bath, she was dumbstruck to find that her baby boy had all grown up. It wasn’t long after that, that the Mother came on to him with only small discomfort, his reaction surprisingly accepting.

Mother and pet were starting to notice that time on Surface-Earth seemed to speed-up while they were away; indeed, for every 28 minutes they spent inside the Inner-Earth, several decades will have spanned the length of that same time on Surface-Earth. Amrita explained it to her as she saw it, while noting at the same time that it was her “educated guess.”

“Exactly how ‘educated’ are you, Rita?” the Mother would ask suspiciously, in all seriousness. “Any more so since you were a robot-cat?”

The snake would always respond jokingly.




So it was that Magdalena then Saw the child she had produced with her First-Born son also age dramatically during the next time she was away in Agartha with Amrita, just as her First-Born had. She made use of the transformation and seduced him as well, just as Al Rodnam had instructed her, and with surprising ease, finding a way to save some of his special semen in another magical crystal-glass vial he had given her. From there forward, each time the Mother returned to Bry Dellows from the portal at the edge of the Hollow, she would selfishly insert either her First-Born or Second-Born’s Sirian Space Crystal-preserved semen into her body, almost in spite. And, then she would play the waiting game. Throughout the following 28 days, before she would need to go visit Breña again to stay young and beautiful, Magdalena will have gone through another whole productive cycle of gestation, being able to miraculously birth out a new child each month, for each Moon, and then see the children each aged several decades after returning from Agartha with Amrita, recharged, all the while Herself remaining forever young.

The Mother’s time during the first few generations of Bry Dellows history was a painful One. She was almost constantly in pain from the super growth rate of each new fetus artificially, yet divinely conceived inside her. And, although she saw very little of the old man Al Rodnam, the mystic was always sure to remind her, each time he saw her, that she was supposed to be bringing people into the Earth, to repopulate, and that the fast rate at which she was now able to reproduce allowed them to do so with ease. It was what Solaria demanded, he would remind her, what the higher density fire god required of her, although she herself had no memory of receiving those demands.

Coolest Throne Of Glass Wallpaper metatron

It wasn’t until after a few visits more to the Inner-Earth and back again that the Mother had brought Twelve people into the world who were not all the same age, but decades apart, spanning several generations, and the Mother stayed the same age throughout it all; her sacred friendship to Amrita, and her Bathing in Breña in Agartha allowed her to stay forever young, perpetually stuck at the perfect age of 28.

All Twelve people are Descendants of either Lina and her First-Born, or Lina and her Second-Born, not by sex, but by artificial insemination of sacred plasma-preserved sperm inside ageless Wood-incubated crystals Al Rodnam had taken from his secret Southpole Homeland. Currently, Magdalena has produced two old men, (one much older than the other) two old women, (also, one much older than the other) four young girls, and four young boys, in all. The two older men are the First and Second-Born of Magdalena while also being grandfather and father to the eight children. The two older women are their sisters.

The Mother, with her glittering magical golden dress blazing, rounded into the main camp area with a needlessly haughty swagger upheld by her great golden sceptre in hand, where her eldest, and most separate, most beautiful daughter sat poised so enticingly without trying the least bit to look sexy, but did in a rag-suit, her Head flooding with naiveté about how immaculate, how perfect her Body and Mind were, Here, Now, Continuously, as long as she existed, and she looked as Hot as her Mother now no matter which way she straddled that filthy log beneath her. And the Mother was noticing with bewilderment that her eldest now looked no different in appearance from when she had last seen her; one of her eldest’s other sisters, who was also Lina’s daughter and sister as well, now sat old and disabled on the dirty ground on the side of the main camp, grumbling simple phrases to a handsome man in a hide skin.


Pssst—Rita!” whispered Lina before tele-projecting into the snake’s head, “Look! Over there by the campfire. My eldest. She looks a mirror-image of me! She hasn’t appeared to age at all, while I notice even now that my latest born son has grown from a baby to a young man! And a mighty handsome one at that. How has she maintained her youth during our absence while the others have aged as expected?”

There was brief pause from Amrita.

“It means she’s the One, child,” the little snake replied after a moment.

“What the hell do you mean?”

“Your eldest daughter has revealed herself, out of all your six daughters, who are also your sisters, to be the only One with the relative genetic makeup to render her a Hankerhawk. Like the mystic said. Yes, I was expecting to see this, too. This is good.”

It is?!” shouted Lina silently to Rita, who remained wrapped around her head, so-not innocent-looking.

“Yes, she can come to Breña with us to slow her aging process even more. She must, to keep the family cycle growing strong.” Lina frowned at Rita. “So, My Love—the old man has told us that One of your six girls will be Chosen. She must be the first Hankerhawk of Bry Dellows other than yourself—your eldest. We must bring her to the old man at Once to begin training.”

Look, —she’s already talking to him on the log, over there. Should we approach?” The woman peered at her eldest in the near distance beside the mystic who had just showed up— her special daughter who was more like her sister. The two were almost identical in appearance now, and it baffled Lina. It also caused her to be slightly jealous for some reason.




Lina and Rita pulled up to where Lina’s eldest daughter was engaged in semi-serious conversation with Al Rodnam, beside a hearty hearth that blazed in the center of some encircling rune-inscribed rocks that each glowed a faint bright white. Both of them failed not to notice the pixie-dust-draped air surrounding everyone gathered at the Fire.

Oh, wonderful! Magdalena! Amrita! I am certainly glad you two came about—I need to tell you something very important.” The old man was oddly jovial, and Lina could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that he was about to share with her what she and Rita had just discovered.

“My Child. Your eldest: she is ready to advance to the next stage. She is the Chosen One.”

In the near distance, Magdalena became distracted of two more of her younger daughters she had not yet seen, who, she noticed at Once, were both simply repugnant. A lot like Mandorla, she thought—a daughter she had supposedly sacredly and bizarrely given Birth to by the Pond of the Aqueous Transmission on their way over to Bry Dellows; Lina had no memory of the Birth, but witnessed it after the curious event from a recorded video on Amrita’s belly-display during Amrita’s time as a robotic “cat.” Why are all of my daughters save my eldest so hideous in appearance, while my young sons are so good-looking? the Mother thought to herself, unnerved. She saw them act retardedly as well, and dumbly fixated on pieces of silver wood with curious etchings. The silver wood looked familiar to her, and the Mother wished to question the old mystic of their origin but felt a much more pressing, unanswered question gnawing at her temporal lobe.

Lina squinted her eyes at the old man. “Wait. How long have we been gone?” she asked, thinking it must have been decades although it felt like just a few hours to her.

“23 years and 106 days, my Child! But I must tell you something else, sit down, will you?” The mystic, who was draped in dark, flowing robes of a curious material, held out his hand to a log beside him, then went to caress the Mother’s eldest’s shoulder—her special daughter, who was more like her sister. Al Rodnam’s Eyes remained Unseen behind a dark handkerchief tied tightly around his head. With a wizened wrinkle of his facial features, the old man looked straight at the woman who was Mother Magdalena’s perfect double and said “Yes, this One here’s very special.”

“She must be,” the Mother vainly stated, “she looks just like me!”

“Indeed,” said the mystic, “you two have returned right on time! I Know now that it is time to proceed to the next stage of our re-civilization.”

“Which would be…?”

“Well, while you were away, your doppelganger here gave birth to her Fourth and Last Son of four handsome young boys, all only years apart. I know you haven’t even met them yet, but, as Amrita here will probably remind you—”

“—Again with Amrita?! How the hell would Amrita know anything about this strange family we’re creating here…?” The Mother thought again of her video-viewing of her forgotten Birth to Mandorla. And then, so as to conceal the words from Al Rodnam, telepathically, silently added to her pet, “Do you know more than you’re letting on, Rita? Don’t lie to me!”



The snake, still wrapped about her pet’s head, quickly curved its neck downward and shot Lina a sly stare with bold, beaded eyes. “I only know what I told you before, Lina,” the snake silently spoke telepathically to the woman, “that I remember what Solaria had Once demanded of you while you were in a High hypnotic state after a devastating crash-landing of your silver spaceship—that we must procreate to the utmost, but for to preserve human-kind. That’s all, My Love.”

The woman narrowed her eyes at Rita and said nothing. Then she glared at the mystic. “Go on, old man,” she pleaded, “I wish to hear what you have to say. And be straightforward with me!”

“Of course, Mother,” spoke the old man, “…as I was saying, in order to keep our family thriving, under Solaria’s orders, the four young boys of your eldest must be castrated by you at Once, not only as a means for ritual sacrifice, but to absolutely guarantee none of them will ever reach puberty, allowing them any opportunity whatsoever to impregnate you the old-fashioned way: by having sex. And make no mistake, Magdalena; they sure as Hell will try to do so, no matter the manner of their upbringing. This little fix of our genetics I have arranged here will eventually keep more Hankerhawks Birthing into our Bry Dellows. You will Know what to do Once there are Twelve Hankerhawks.”

Magdalena was unnerved. “What the Hell do you know that you’re not telling me, old man?! If this is indeed true, how would you come to Know such a thing?”

The old man’s form subtley, but rapidly faded away from the Mother and her pet, only to statically return again a few seconds later with different color robes and his familiar magical, bottomless drinking gourd in his left-hand grasp.

The old man, with an utmost serious look in his eyes, then said “there are a great deal of Sirian souls out there who Monitor the atomization of our beloved Gaia and fellow Solar System, working endlessly from afar to prolong the inevitable dissolution and obliteration of planet Urth.” Al Rodnam raised the magical drinking gourd in his hand out to the flames, which licked fiercely over the campfire with a bizarre intensity. “As do I, Magdalena, but not from afar.” He took a hearty gulp from his curious gourd and passed it to Lina. Straight-faced, she accepted it and took a drink. Although it shook her to her core with rage, Lina decided that there will always be certain things “she’s supposed to be doing,” without knowing exactly why.

“We must now find new sustenance other than simply this precious Water, Mother, that will sustain the people of Bry Dellows for many generations to come,” Al Rodnam went on. Animal protein would be best. All we need to do is locate a single animal and I will be able to duplicate it as many times as needed! Then I can engineer a self-sustaining animal farm that our lowly Loombugs can tend to. I was told to do this.”

Magdalena mockingly glanced quickly left and right, then said, “Have you seen any other animals or anything else alive at all since we arrived here, however long ago it was?! Because I sure as hell haven’t!”

When the Mother turned to look directly at the old man, she found that the handkerchief he always wore had become mysteriously unwrapped from his eyes, the two of them staring back at Her bleakly. The Mother shook off the forceful shiver that so suddenly took ahold of her. Then the old man was staring just above her eyes, into her living serpent crown, an animal who also happened to be Magdalena’s best friend. “That’s not entirely true, Lina,” the old man stated simply.

“What—Amrita? You wish to kill my best friend and continue to feed our family with her? How is that even possible? Poor thing!”




“Don’t be silly, Lina. Of course not. But I have a feeling your good ol’ friend there may Know where to find food. We three alone may not need to eat food all the time in order to keep our bodies and minds functioning, but our tribe will.”

Magdalena immediately ripped down her pet crown of whom she was becoming quite suspicious, held her friend firmly in front of her face, and just glared at the reptile, silently demanding unspoken answers. When Amrita did not respond, the incensed Mother, while still staring at her pet of whom she kept a firm grip, begged aloud of Al Rodnam why he would suggest that Amrita would know where to find food. But when he, too, made no reply, an irritated Magdalena turned to face him, but the old man was no longer there. NEXT: MOTHER MAGDALENA AND HER PET FIND AN ANIMAL!


This post has been an excerpt from the previously unpublished sequel to MIKE EYE’S BIZARRE THE AQUEOUS TRANSMISSION, not yet available!